Grand Voyages

We believe that in order to understand a region, you need to spend time in it. Our Grand Voyages are perfect for those who want to discover in depth. Since long before recorded history, the urge to see what lies beyond the horizon has compelled humans. Silversea's grand cruises venture forth across the seven seas and quench the thirst to go exploring that remains a primal need in all of us. Luckily, we can transport you there in a far more comfortable way: a Silversea Grand Voyage. Discover the luxury of time — time to thoroughly experience a region, to savour its landscapes, the nuances of its cuisine, and the characteristics of those who know it simply as ‘home.’ For those born with that irrepressible curiosity to discover what lies beyond the mountain top, nothing can fill your passion quite like a luxurious Grand Voyage with Silversea.

Grand Voyage 2024 - Grand Africa & Arabia

Discover the true spirit of Africa and Arabia with our first-ever Grand Voyage off the coast of this majestic continent.

Grand Voyage 2024 - Grand South America

A warm bienvenidos to this exclusive roundtrip voyage featuring the absolute best of South America. In 2024, Silver Nova will take you around the entire coast of Latina America to 38 different destinations in 18 countries.

Grand Voyage 2023 – Grand Mediterranean

In this Grand Voyage you’ll enjoy three whole weeks in the Eastern Mediterranean, including a magical visit to the Holy Land and overnight stays in Alexandria and Nazareth, as well as a special visit to Jerusalem, the first for any Grand Voyage.

Grand Voyage 2023 – Grand Pole to Pole Expedition

Our most ambitious Grand Voyage ever! Travel from the bottom of the world all the way to its top with Silver Cloud. Spend 131 days visiting off the beaten track destinations and experiencing the authentic beauty of the world on this life changing journey.

Grand Voyage 2023 – Grand Pacific

Our Grand Voyage through the Pacific takes you on an exceptional journey, from Melbourne to Osaka, from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea.

Grand Voyage 2023 – Grand South America

Our Grand Voyage South America takes you around the long way, from fiesta to siesta and back. Experience all the unique flavours, customs and traditions of the Latin continent as you explore its amazing cities, including Lima, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand Northern Europe

From the sunny shores of Lisbon to the bright blue-green glaciers of Iceland and beyond, our very first Northern Europe Grand Voyage will take you on a path of personal discovery and childlike wonder.

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand Mediterranean

This Grand Voyage transports you to places you’ve only dreamed of, as you call at picturesque ports across the Mare Nostrum, from world-famous cities to smaller, more intimate locales.

Grand Voyage 2022 - Grand Europe

Discover Europe’s deepest and innermost secrets for yourself on our very first European Grand Voyage.